Side Projects


Tender Mercies

Band Members:
Dan Vickrey – Vocals, Guitar
Patrick Winningham – Vocals, Guitar
Kurt Stevenson – Vocals, Bass
Jim Bogios – Vocals, Drums

More information for Tender Mercies can be found here on their Facebook page.

Glider is the brainstorm of longtime friends and musical compadres Jim Bogios (drums-Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds) and David Immergluck (guitar-Counting Crows, John Hiatt). The group is rounded out by Dan Eisenberg (keyboards-Ryan Adams, Jonathan Richman) and Yoshi Sako (bass-Beatropolis, Syncrosystem). Glider formed in 1998 as an excuse for some friends to play music together whenever they were in town. One of Glider’s biggest assets is their musical ESP and insight into one another that only comes about from years of gigs and sessions…Many bands, many lands all brought together for you in one epic group.